Stunningly Original and Gushingly Beautiful

The title of this post is what Remix magazine had to say about Ulrich Schnauss' Far Away Trains Passing By album. I'll have to agree with their assessment. Any mood you are feeling will be turned to bliss within the first 2 minutes. A brilliant work of musical art.

I've posted about Ulrich Schnauss before. I'm posting again because this, his debut album, is just getting a US release and it comes with a great bonus CD.

Unfortunately, this album isn't available on iTMS. But even if it was, it might not have been for long. Ulrich's other album was up on iTMS for a while, but it is gone now. That also happened with the Evil Nine mix I posted about. I don't know what's up with that. It seems you have to be quick to grab some stuff off of iTMS before it is gone.


Samantha said...

They must have been marketing it directly to you by using those words to describe it :)

---ryan said...

I was expecting you to pick up on that. Thanks for not letting me down.