3 Months with the Mighty Mouse

I've been using Apple's Mighty Mouse for 3 months now. Overall, I'm satisfied, but there is room for improvement. Here are my observations.

* Overall mouse operation is fine. It tracks as well as any other optical mice I have used.

* The no buttons = 2 buttons is flawed, but not how you might expect. I'm fine that there are sensors for the left and right buttons. I'm fine with slightly lifting my left finger to right click. I got used to that within a day. The problem comes when switching between typing and mousing quickly. With a typical two button mouse, you have the tactile feedback of the button gap. If you grab it blindly, and miss, you can feel that you missed. You won't wrongly right click something because you will correct your grip immediately. With the Mighty Mouse, on occasion I will find myself right clicking something simply because I gripped the mouse wrong. My left finger will be in the center, above the scroll ball, and it will register as a right click.

I think there is a simple solution to this. Just add a slight ridge, much like the ridges that are probably on your 'f' and 'j' keys right now. Apple gets to keep the sleek no button design, and I will get the texture necessary to correct my grip if I mess up.

* Wireless - Where is it? I like Apple's Bluetooth mouse but I have decided that 1 button is not for me. I gave it a good go. I used it for months and it wasn't bad. Eventually I swapped in a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse because my wife was frustrated with not having a right click. I found that I too preferred the extra buttons.

* Speaking of extra buttons, the scroll ball is awesome. I prefer it to a scroll wheel. It feels nice and isn't too large. The "squeeze" buttons are weird. They work fine, but without visual confirmation, such as the browser page going back, you really aren't sure that the action registered. That said, the side buttons on other mice have always been problematic for me. The Mighty Mouse isn't any worse.

Summary - I'd buy another Mighty Mouse, especially if it were Bluetooth enabled.

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