5 of the Now

  • Sinner DC - Digital Dust
    Sinner DC made my short list of albums of the year for 2009. I've been playing this so much, my kids now ask for it by name when they want to listen to music. I think this track is ripe for a slick commercial about external harddrives or cloud services. Ooooo, how sexy.

  • Jurrasic 5 - The Game
    It's basketball season, so this is appropriate. Found on their Quality Control album, but my favorite is the live performance in DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's Product Placement mix.

  • Massive Attack - Pray for Rain
    I'm settling in to the new album. This is a standout. Plus there is a Tim Goldsworthy mix!

  • Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
    So chill. Love this. Gui Boratto mix doesn't disappoint either.

  • Evil Nine - Burn it to the Ground
    These boys are fun to follow on Twitter, and they'll dish out some good stuff every now and then. This is the old school Evil Nine that I still prefer.