Use a Flickr Search as your Apple TV Screen Saver

Many people know that an Apple TV can display Flickr photos, but did you know that Flickr can be your Apple TV screensaver as well?

You can set it up to display photos of a particular Flickr user, but I find it even more powerful to use a search.

  1. Start by accessing the Flickr item from the Internet menu.

  2. Perform a search for your subject.

  3. If you are happy with the results, choose to Save Search

  4. Exit back out to the main menu and choose Screen Saver from the Settings menu.

  5. Choose the Photos menu item, then Flickr, and then select one of your saved searches.

  6. Select a theme for your screen saver and you are done.

I'm sure you can think of all sorts of searches that would be fun to have displayed. Maybe you are having a themed party but you don't have time to curate a slideshow. Perhaps you'd like to enjoy the colors of the season. Maybe you just like a good photo set, like Bike Bridges, National Parks, Cities at Night, or Tebowing!

Have fun


My Music Buying Evolution

  • Sorry Target, Musicland has replaced you due to better selection.

  • Sorry Musicland, I always hated you. The local indy record shop has replaced you due to better selection, better prices, and being within walking distance of where I live.

  • Sorry local indy, Music Boulevard has replaced you due to way better selection, better prices, convenience, and it doesn't smell like incense.

  • Sorry Music Boulevard, I love you, but CDnow has bought you.

  • Sorry CDnow, the Amazon freight train has hit you. This is a good thing.

  • Sorry Amazon, Apple iTunes has replaced you because they don't sell shiny discs which leads to convenience, previews, and music snacking.

  • Sorry Apple, between (legal) free stuff, Amazon MP3, Beatport, and my existing collection, I don't buy much from you anymore.

  • Sorry everyone, Rdio has pretty much replaced you all. I haven't spent this little for music since I was mowing lawns as a kid. I get more music than ever before. The experience isn't superb, but it's pretty good.

  • Who's next?