iTunes Housekeeper

I think I read somewhere that once you have a house over 3500 sq ft, you require a professional to keep it clean. This got me wondering. How big of an iTunes library can you handle before you need professional help? Mine is getting quite large.

I tell you what, I sure could use someone that comes in once a month to correct album art, rename incorrect CDDB tags, and fix the playlists that I screw up when dragging stuff around.

But would an iTunes housekeeper be more hassle than they are worth? Would they drop your favorite playlist, shattering it into the dozen original pieces? Would they dust that new punk album you bought, ruining the sound that you paid good money to sound bad? Would they steal the 50 Cent you left sitting on the counter?

Maybe they'd make your music sound better than you ever thought possible. Perhaps they'd rearrange some tracks and make your library feel spacious and airy. But maybe, just maybe, they'd invite over their boyfriend, Zune, and make a mockery of your whole existence.