Netflix should be in airports

I'm a Netflix subscriber. I have been for years and I enjoy their service greatly. I'd really like to see them to continue to do well. The territory is getting crowded though. Wal-Mart is in there. Blockbuster has an online service. There is a lot of competition.
To survive, I think Netflix needs to get out there more. I don't mean advertising like crazy, like their deal with Best Buy. I mean they need to provide some points of presence that not only work to improve the experience for existing customers, but also pull in new customers. It seems that lots of people carry laptops and portable DVD players when they travel. Netflix needs to jump on this. I think Netflix should put up mini-stores (probably just carts) in airports. These mini-stores would keep a supply of discs and allow customers to instantly swap discs. The discs are kept in those paper sleeves. You could keep a thousand titles in a very small space.

* This would be perfect for those on the go that may not get back to their mailboxes often enough to fully utilize the service.
* The process would be mostly automated. In the process of checking in the previous disc, the customer would be known and the mini-stores stock could be checked against the customer's rental queue. The first highest match could be checked out right then and there. If there were no matches, Netflix's suggestions would come in to play, or the customer could simply select one from a list.
* Have a long layover? Watch a movie and swap it right then and there. You are happy because you get a new movie. The supply of discs doesn't go down because a disc was checked in as well. The selection changes, but the number of discs remains the same.
* The signing up of new customers would also be a main goal for Netflix. There are stores in airports now that sell new DVDs. Usually these discs cost over $20. Wouldn't it be nice to get 3 discs for $17.99, rather than 1 for over $20? Boy if I weren't already a customer and ended up having my flight cancelled, I think watching some movies for the next few hours would be a great way to pass the time. I'd sign up in a second.

Are you listening Netflix? You need to do this before your competitors do :)