5 of The Now

Man, I managed to pick a bunch of tracks that are hard for you all to hear. I apologize that I don't have links for some of these.

  • Boards of Canada - Peacock Tail Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase - Peacock Tail
    Perfect for an early evening cocktail sitting on the deck watching the sun set.

  • Das Efx - Set it Off
    Das Efx made a splash back in '92 with Dead Serious. They've continued to make good music but have stayed mostly under the radar. "Set it Off" rocks a club nice.

  • UNKLE - Lonely Soul Unkle - Psyence Fiction - Lonely Soul
    "I believe there's a time and a place, to let you mind drift and get out of this place." That's the first lyric of the song and I think it says it all. Dj Shadow's work on this track is mind blowing.

  • Matrix & Futurebound - Coast to Coast
    Drum & Bass, but not like you'd expect. Truly original. It's the one named MATRIXFUTUREBOUNDCO on the myspace page.

  • Riton - Anger Man (Riton Re-Rub)
    This will either sound like complete noise to you or it will crawl in your head and grind your thoughts into powder which will be blended with dance juice and immediately absorbed by your system. Try and sit still!


The Google Gods Have Smiled On Me

Despite the silly name, I use iGoogle as my homepage. It was always annoyed me that it was so difficult to get to the other Google services from iGoogle. I had to keep gmail, calendar, and reader widgets around just for the easy link to the other services.

Google has finally fixed this. They now have a nice little link bar at the top of Google, just like you find in their other services. Thank you Google. You have made my day a little brighter.


Futura Coincidence

I went to wash my truck a few weeks ago and was floored to see what I thought was graffiti from one of my favorite artists, Futura 2000. Right there on the wall was the stylized letters spelling Futura.

In a few moments, I realized that it was not graffiti, but actually the name of the carwash system. I still thought the font looked very similar and took a picture for comparison. The more I look at this, the more it is just a weird coincidence. They aren't really all that similar, but you can see where I might have thought they were at first. The white box with black text is Futura 2000's signature. The colorful sign is from the carwash.


Go Where the Wind Is

While feeling a stiff breeze this past week, this image popped into my head. What if there were massive windmills that could walk to where the wind is? They'd carry huge batteries that could hold the charge until they were back near transmission lines. The energy to walk could come from the wind and sun.

Yes, this is probably pure fantasy, but I spent a few minutes combining an ATAT with a windmill. It's a fun picture.

Special thanks to the site where I took the original ATAT picture from.