Go Where the Wind Is

While feeling a stiff breeze this past week, this image popped into my head. What if there were massive windmills that could walk to where the wind is? They'd carry huge batteries that could hold the charge until they were back near transmission lines. The energy to walk could come from the wind and sun.

Yes, this is probably pure fantasy, but I spent a few minutes combining an ATAT with a windmill. It's a fun picture.

Special thanks to the site where I took the original ATAT picture from.


Jason said...

ATAT - possibly the best acronym ever.

If the power to move the windmills were not prohibitive, I could see this being useful. I could see more benefit, and perhaps this is already done, by simply rotating the windmills if the wind were sufficiently higher a different direction.

I really like the recent idea where New Jersey plans to use the wind from passing cars on the Jersey Turnpike.

crturboguy said...

I think they do swivel to face the wind, a-la farm windmills.