Perils of a Bootcamper

Today, just a tale of woe for those of us that spend time on both sides of the OS fence.

As you know, Watch Now from Netflix requires Windows and IE. So, I'm on the MacBook, booted into XP and half way through a film. A scene of quiet dialog came on and I reach to turn up the volume.

F5. That's an evil key. My MacBook brain thinks volume up. My web browser thinks refresh. Click click. Ohh, look, my movie is gone. It's negotiating to transfer the movie again. Fantastic.

Stupid F5 key. Stupid Watch Now player. Stupid keyboard overlay that doesn't match the actions. Grrrrrr.


Jason said...

My brain permanently has F5 wired to web browser refresh, so no problems here.

I guess you need that re-mappable keyboard, or just go purely on screen ;-)

crturboguy said...

My brain is permanently wired to F5 == Refresh. I find myself trying to refresh in other apps besides a web browsers.