5 of The Now

  • Lemongrass - Aloha Lemongrass - Filmothèque - Aloha Perhaps this would make a good ring tone on the iPhone :)

  • Bloc Party - On Bloc Party - A Weekend In the City - On The whole album is good. I could have listed 4 or 5 here.

  • Robyn - Konichiwa BitchesRobyn - Konichiwa Bitches - EP - Konichiwa Bitches You probably remember Robyn from her '97 album Robyn is here. I lost track of her since then. I really didn't even know she was still making music. Well, she was, and some of it is "new" on the iTunes store now. This track has a Gwen Stefani, Fergie feel to it, but since she originally released it in 2005, you really can't say she's jumping on the bandwagon. If you are wondering about the track title, I believe it is because she's signed to Konichiwa records. At first I was digging the Trentemoller remix, but the original is now my favorite. The video is quite the experience.

  • RJD2 - The Third Hand RJD2 - The Third Hand I can't pick a single track just yet. Right now, the whole album sounds pretty good.

  • Shonky - Olympia Spacey, airy, watery, all in one. This one really builds and I love the "shake" sounds.


crturboguy said...

That Robyn video was crazy.


crturboguy said...

I'm digging 'Grass-Hopper' from the Lemongrass album.