Apple TV Linkage

It's all coming fast and furious now. Here's some links.

Fudbuster - So everyone is linking the AP technology review and blowing things out of proportion with the Barely Watchable comment. It's true, there is a lot of bad content on the iTunes store, but you can't pin that on the Apple TV. The output from it can look stunning. For proof, fire up one the HD video podcasts like the one from DiveFilm.

Features - Engadget has a nice walk-thru on how to add codecs for DivX and Xvid. I really don't care, but plenty of people seem to.

Fudbuster - Roughly Drafted has some fantastic facts on the Apple TV myths, including 5.1 audio and comparisons to Xbox. You might recognize some of the arguments.

Features - Make your Apple TV run Perl scripts. There's a hack I can get behind. Now where did I put my camel book?

Features - Make your own Apple TV scrensaver.

It's pretty obvious that the Apple TV is pretty wide open at this point. You can add just about anything to it and that's only going to get easier. Now if someone would figure out how to get widgets on it so I can stop with my cheesy image hacks. Maybe Perl is the key.

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