My Music Buying Evolution

  • Sorry Target, Musicland has replaced you due to better selection.

  • Sorry Musicland, I always hated you. The local indy record shop has replaced you due to better selection, better prices, and being within walking distance of where I live.

  • Sorry local indy, Music Boulevard has replaced you due to way better selection, better prices, convenience, and it doesn't smell like incense.

  • Sorry Music Boulevard, I love you, but CDnow has bought you.

  • Sorry CDnow, the Amazon freight train has hit you. This is a good thing.

  • Sorry Amazon, Apple iTunes has replaced you because they don't sell shiny discs which leads to convenience, previews, and music snacking.

  • Sorry Apple, between (legal) free stuff, Amazon MP3, Beatport, and my existing collection, I don't buy much from you anymore.

  • Sorry everyone, Rdio has pretty much replaced you all. I haven't spent this little for music since I was mowing lawns as a kid. I get more music than ever before. The experience isn't superb, but it's pretty good.

  • Who's next?

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