Lessons in Web Design

Lesson #4 - Make your site accessible to the lowest common denominator user.

A picture over 1 MB in size is NOT a good idea for your homepage.

Good grief man. Resize and up the compression a bit. I cry for dial-up users.

That said, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is pretty cool and they are showing off a spectacular Grant Wood collection right now.


Jason said...

I see an 97 KB image on the homepage. Where were you looking?

Otherwise, they just need one of those NSFD (not safe for dialup) tags on their page. Modem users can burn for all I care. Bwahahaha.

Jason said...

Okay, clicked the other link and saw the stupidity. Is it really that hard to resize an image, rather than relying on the user to download the whole darn thing just to have the browser scale it down? Lame.

At least hosting and network utilization are free, right? ;-)

---ryan said...

To clarify, go to the first link to see the big image :)

Location: http://www.crma.org/Museum_exterior.jpg

Size of File: 1017.97 KB (1042403 bytes)