Amazon Pays To Search

I'm not exactly sure when they started doing this, but Amazon.com is now providing a 1.57% discount on orders as long as you search every now and then with their search engine, a9.com. Their Pi/2 formula is a bit cheesy, but ohh well.

It took me 3 days from first using a9 until I was given the discount on Amazon.

Just like gift certificates to BestBuy, this is essentially cash to me. I don't spend a lot of money at Amazon, but 1.57% can be a nice benefit of tossing a few searches at a9.com. Sure, I have to be logged in to a9 for my searches to count, and they'll build a profile of me and my searches, but if you don't think they can do that with cookies alone, your head is in the sand.

The a9 search engine is good. It reminds me of google quite a bit. It even has some nice distinguishing features. I especially liked how your search results will tell you right in the page, which sites you've been to recently. This would be a big help as you plow down the pages of search results. For those of you that get real lazy when writing scripts, a9 also had a feature that anything following the '/' after a9.com is the search term. Go search for adidas.

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