Huge Headphones

A post on Engadget got us talking about huge headphones at work today. What better way to capture the moment than some pictures.

My first experience with big can headphones came with my Dad's old Pioneer phones. I did a quick search and I swear these are the ones he still has.

[Thanks to www.classic-audio.com for the pic]
These were/are great headphones and are probably responsible for my love of big headphones.

My current favorite phones are the Sony MDR-V700. No joke, I wear these at least 4 hours a day. If I'm at my desk at work, most likely I have these on. I have a second set at home that I use while DJing. I also like to take these on airplanes because they are wonderful at blocking out sound that they aren't creating. I'll even wear them during takeoff to soften the noise. I actually had a conversation with the flight attendant about them on my last flight. She asked if I was wearing them to block out noise and mused that she could use a pair herself.

Denon has piqued my interest with their new DN-HP1000 headphones. These look even clunkier than my Sonys. They look awesome! I'm really not in the market for new headphones, but I still like looking :)

Finally we arrive at the instigator. Macally has some big cans with a built in slot for your iPod nano. I'm down with the idea. I think it works better with the Shuffle, but these still look pretty cool. All of the benefits of wireless, without the drawbacks of wireless.

BTW, I don't care if you think I look stupid wearing huge headphones. The music is more important than your opinion.


-- I said...

Huge headphones are the way to go!

I've tried all sorts of phones over the past year, and I gotta say, I like my big ones the best. Overall they have the best sound quality, hands down. No other ear-bud or canal phone gets close.

Now, there is one application where I do not wear cans. Jogging. Those suckers have to be light, fit in, and most importantly, won't fall out.

-- I

Samantha said...

I would prefer big headphones if I could find some that didn't hurt my ears after wearing them for a while. It's hard to enjoy the sound if I'm constantly adjusting the phones.

Jeff McMahan said...

Those Pioneers are definitely the ones we grew up with. I always found the zipper on the head pad part a bit annoying, though.

I, too, love my V700's. They have great sound (even if a bit bottom heavy) and have proved to be quite durable. Ryan can attest that I, the reckless younger brother, can be a bit hard on my possessions. Aside from a cracked earpad, my Sonys are still doing fine.

I do empathize with Samantha's concern. While I'd love to wear the V700's every moment of the day, they do start to hurt the tough cartilagenous part of my ear after having them on for an hour or so. I have yet to try canal-style buds, but I've read good things about them, and they seem to be a little more practical for jogging/commuting listening.

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