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I finally got around to picking up the latest Simpsons box set. They are up to season 6 if you haven't been paying attention. Up until now, the discs have come in your regular DVD sized cardboard box. Each season was a different color and they each had different characters on the spines. They look spiffy on my DVD rack. But, we can't have anything looking spiffy now can we?

They decided to change the box type. Why? Who knows. Season 6 is a big Homer head.

This isn't a bad idea. It would have been pretty cool, if not for two things.

1. Started this from Season 1.
2. Made a better box. Homer has a plastic hinge on the bottom which makes it sit funny. Why couldn't they have made it open sideways to avoid this?

My next Seinfeld season better not come in George's head. Maybe they could come in Kramer's meat slicer!

So I crack open Homer's head, and had a good laugh before I even put a disc in.

Nice, very nice. They saw it coming and didn't care! I haven't yet decided whether I will call the number or not.

"for a very derivative, old-style, just-like-before box with almost nothing new or creative to annoy or terrify you."
Seems like this fits most of the stuff you hear on the radio too - zing.

This got me thinking about the other media in my racks that bugs me. The Global Underground boys win the stupid packaging award hands down. Let's take a look at a few.

Not so bad until you realize the box is about 1cm taller than a normal CD case. Why? Ohh, to be different and cool. I'm with you daddy-o, just be cool.

Look here, this must be one of those fancy new Super Audio CDs, or perhaps a DVD-A. Nope, just a regular CD in one of those better-than-you boxes from the next gen audio discs.

Now this is just uncalled for. Why is it even bigger and goofier than past ones? Must be Sasha remixing the packaging.

Here's one I actually like. The Fabric series comes in a nifty tin. Too bad the CD rattles around loose inside. At least these are the same size as regular CD cases and line right up with the rest of them.

Ok, you got me. I guess I do like weird packaging, but only the Global Underground long boxes! These things are a pain to store too.

What's your least favorite packaging?

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