I see London, I see France, I see Flat-D in your pants

All right, the site says "Tell a friend about our site. You might help them more than you may ever realize."
So, I'm telling you and I really hope I never have a reason to realize that it helped you.

Flat-D are stink absorbing pads that you wear where the wild things are. They'll turn your butt frown upside down and leave your trail smelling less like zoo keeper's shoes.

Yes, this "body tech" is coming at you from my very own Cedar Rapids, IA. Funny isn't it that a city known for its smells would inspire odor reducing couture. I'll save you the story of how I heard about them, but rumor has it, they will be appearing on Simon Cowell's new show, American Inventor.

If I'm being honest, you used to smell like horse poo, but after that performance, you are just so-so, and that's a good thing.

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Jason said...

I barely have the words for a comment. If nothing else, this was worth it to see the top of your Google ads present the following question: "Fishy vaginal odor?"

I personally like the doctor standing there knowingly on the site, along with the glowing medical recommendation. More power to these people though, for coming up with a new business idea.