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Time to update the 5 of the now. I'll put the old ones here, just for future reference :)

The old 5

The new 5

The Keane track used to be on iTMS, no longer. I guess you'll have to settle for the original.

The Alex Dolby track is featured on Steve Lawler's latest Lights Out compilation. This is a great series and Vol. 3 is quickly becoming my favorite of the series.

The High Contrast track has been around a while and I just enjoyed it when it came up on shuffle so it made the list.

Ulrich made the 5 again with a track of the recently released (domestic) Far Away Trains Passing By

Finally, the Nipple Fish! Fantastic track that I've been rocking out to since 1997. Through the magic of the long tail, you can pick this up on iTMS. Imagine trying to find that on vinyl these days!

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Jason said...

Shannon likes a Keane a lot, I'll have to try to find this mix.

You must be subconciously prepping for the forthcoming new DJ Shadow offering by adding him to the list...