Product 6.0 2005 XP .NET for Pocket PC...Mobile

I'm going to do my best Andy Rooney impersonation here. I'm going to complain about how Microsoft names things. This is by far an original complaint, but at least I'm adding a fresh screenshot to the mix.

This screenshot is even better than the Firefox installing one.

As I'm installing Visual Studio 2005 today, I notice it is installing to a Microsoft Visual Studio 8 folder. Well that's dumb. Talk about confusing. What is the product name, VS 2005 or VS 8? Looks like the marketing guys changed things at the last moment and the engineers didn't have time to go back and scrub it.

We're supposed to be in the age (who says? I says) of usability and the biggest software company in the world can't even decide on a consistent product name. Stop confusing us!

Visual Studio has gone from numbers (6.0), to the silly .NET thing, to .NET with a year (2003), to years without the .NET (2005).

This isn't the only example of this from Microsoft. Why does the desktop Windows have Service Packs, but the mobile Windows have AKUs?

Why did Windows go from numbers (3.1) to years (95) to letters (XP) to nothing (Vista)?

Why did the portable Windows go from form factors (Handheld PC, Palm PC) to Pocket PC, to Windows Mobile with years (2003), to Windows Mobile with numbers (5.0)? Ohh yeah, don't forget, it is still a Pocket PC, but it doesn't run Pocket PC anymore, it runs Windows Mobile.

Why did Microsoft Office go from versions (6.0), to years (97), to letters (XP), back to years (2003)?

I really don't think that any of these are better than any of the rest. I just want them to pick one and stick to it!


Jason said...

I agree, the naming flip-flops are ridiculous.

In defense of the Engineers at Microsoft, their products have always maintained versions. Word XP was Word 10.0 if I remember correctly, Visual Studio 2003 was most likely Visual Studio 9.0 under the covers, and so on.

Makes you want to be in marketing. Flip-flop on a name, make 200k a year, go play golf all day long. Lobotomy not included.

---ryan said...

Visual Studio 2005 is identifying as Visual Studio 8. There was a Visual Studio 6. Then a Visual Studio .NET. Then a Visual Studio .NET 2003. So one of those was 7 and the other was 7.5?

If I can be Mitch Hedberg for a moment...it develops things, so I'm going to call it develop-er, I'm going on break.

BTW, sorry the graphic is stuck in text. Blogger sucks at proper page layout.

crturboguy said...

So shrink it & link it to the bigger one ;)


Jason said...

Or, just use Blogger's image hosting like the rest of the cool kids ;-)

Yeah, I'm a bit concerned about the lifetime of the images, but at least they look correct and are simple to use.