Wrist Top Data

My daily "cargo" is pretty limited. I carry a wallet, car keys, and, unless I forget to put one on, a watch. I don't own a cell phone. I don't want a PDA. I'd like to carry my bucktool, but the number of times I'd actually use it lose out to carrying the damn thing around all of the time. As you can see, it takes a lot to earn a spot in my pockets.

For Christmas, I got a flash drive. That's a good thing, I'd been wanting a flash drive. The problem is, like the bucktool, the flash drive is bordering on too much for me to carry for the number of times I use the thing. It's great to have when you need one, but I still hate that I have to plug it in, and it's not as small as I'm sure it will be in a year.

That got me thinking to how I could still have a flash drive, but not have to add to the mass of my key chain.
The first idea, and possibly still a good one, is to lose my ignition key. How will I start my car? Well, I already have the keyless entry dongle, so why can't that thing start my car. I guess I don't see the value in a separate physical item to start my car. If someone is already inside the interior of my vehicle, they already can take it, so what does having a key prevent? So, the first solution is to ditch my ignition key and keep the flash drive. Right or wrong, I don't think many folks are going to dig this idea, and maybe I don't either once I start to think about times where I would want people to get in to my vehicle but not start it (child getting a soccer ball out of the truck).

The next thing that came to mind is my watch. The watch is already one of the physical things I carry with me. If I could add utility to it, I don't add any items. Now, there are data watches out there, but you're drunk if you think I'm going to pull a USB cable out of my watch. Microsoft is also heading this direction with their SPOT watches. Do you think they'll ever add a wireless interface? That way, I don't have to have a cable. I don't have to crawl on the ground to plug in the flash drive. I don't have to take the watch off. If only there were a low power technology meant to replace cables (cough *Bluetooth* cough).

So hopefully this Bluetooth watch that someone is going to build me isn't going to be huge. Then again, it can't be any bigger than the tuna can I already wear. Suunto doesn't call them watches. They are wrist-top computers. Kind of like garbage men are waste management engineers I guess. [No offense to garbage men intended] Anyway, Suunto's exercises in excess already are computers, so pop a Bluetooth stack in there (cough CSR virtual machine cough), add some flash storage (1 gig please), and tell me where to buy one.

My pockets will end up lighter, not only because I lose the flash drive, but because I'm sure this thing won't be cheap.


Shannon said...

Ryan..... you need a man bag. Then you just throw all that junk in there.

---ryan said...

It's not a purse, it's European!