Good Control Not So Remote

Harmony Remote 880
Do you remember my whining about what makes a good remote? Well, Logitech has nearly granted my wish.

My buddy Nick has a Harmony remote and he loves it.

Color screen - check
Rechargable - check
Programmable - check
Download from Internet - check
Limited number of buttons - check
Durable - maybe
Not IrDA - no, but they can't do much about that until the electronics manufacturers wise up

$250 appears to be the damage. If I didn't love my Marantz remote so much, I'd order one up right away. I'll keep this in mind though.

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Jason said...

That does look like pretty darn close to what I need in a remote. I'd have to see about that little joystick-looking piece in the middle though. If that could function as a mouse pointer, you would really be set.

I see that it already has both PC and MAC drivers as well, so working with the MacMini in the entertainment center is probably not too far of a stretch. I would prefer RF versus IR as well, but I can deal with that for now, with some choice use of IR repeaters or IR to RF converters.