Alias on ABC used to be a show I enjoyed. The last two seasons have really turned me off though. The double, triple, ocho crossing is way out of hand. It's as if they've run out of ideas so they just keep bringing back the same characters with recycled plots. My wife still enjoys the show tremendously, so I "watch" it in the background while doing other things. Ok, enough bashing of the plots of the Alias show. That's not the point of this post.

What I'd like to discuss is the Ford emphasis in Alias. If you haven't noticed (how could you not), Alias is sponsored by Ford. They have Ford commercials at the breaks, "Sponsored by Ford" messages when the show is starting up again, and a plethora of Ford vehicles throughout the show. Now, I really don't have a problem with all of that. I don't even mind the vehicle placement in the show. Anyone remember that Viper show on NBC? It can't get much worse than that. In the end, anything that gets us closer to content with no commercial breaks is ok by me.

The thing that really got me this week, was the apparent Ford politics inserted in to the episode. As I said, I wasn't really watching the show, but I was listening. Next thing I know, Sydney and her "family" are sitting around having dinner and they bust off in to an out of place discussion about hybrid vehicles and how they are the future. Hybrid vehicles? WTF does that have to do with tracking baddies? Then it registered. I think that scene was in there just to bring hybrid vehicles in to focus as it were.

I'm all for hybrid vehicles. We nearly bought a Toyota Prius a couple of years ago. Now, Ford is finally throwing their hat in the hybrid ring and I guess pimping hybrid technology on Alias is part of their plan to build market share. Maybe this subliminal shit will help, but maybe folks will see through this and not appreciate being preached to in a show that they are watching to be entertained. In the meantime, be sure to drink your ovaltine.

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