Rock Out

So I finally got around to finishing a new mix. I'm not going to go as far as to say I am proud of this one, but I do enjoy listening to it and you might as well. It starts better than it ends. You'll have to ignore the slight train-wrecking in parts. I make no claims to being good at DJing, but I do have a lot of fun doing it.

This set uses a lot more vocal tracks than I normally include. It leans towards the rocking side of Prog and Breaks. You'll notice an Evil Nine and Marine Parade flavor to the set. This is not light switch rave type stuff.

Gardner & Thomas - Turn to Try
Trafik - Your Light
Infusion - Better World (Infusion Mix)
Freeland - Supernatural Thing (Adam & The Evils Remix)
Evil Nine - Cakehole
Moguai - Get:On
Phil Kieran - I Love You (Phil Kieran Remix)
Paul Jackson & Steve Smith - The Push (Far From Here) [Radio Edit]

Supernatural Thing, Cakehole, and I Love You are available on iTMS if you need to spend some free songs ;) I don't plan to leave the set up for long, so grab it while it is hot. If you know me, and want to save Ian the bandwidth, just ask and I'll bring you a burned CD or the .mp3.


Jason said...

Good stuff, I was expecting an iMix at first, not an old school MP3. It's in the library now.

---ryan said...

You are right, I didn't really make it clear. I'll do that now :) This is a DJ mix recorded live. I used two CD players and a Turntable. I'll post more about that setup later.

-- I said...

Two Turntables and a Mic-ro-phone (hyphonated for empahasis).

This is good stuff. I enjoy listening to it! In fact, it now sits with 4 stars in my itms library. It also makes me wish I was a bit more familiar with the works used in it, so I guess I have my work cutout for me.


-- I