Rules of the Purchase

I'm currently steaming from the latest round of Slashdot idiot posts regarding DRM. I figured I'd cool down a bit by putting to digital paper my rules of purchasing music from the iTunes Music Store.

I buy music that is...
1. Music that is no longer in print or extremely hard to find in physical form.
2. Music that is only available at import prices. $10 is far better than $27.
3. Individual songs that I know I like and know I don't want the whole album.
4. Individual songs that I am exploring from artists that are unfamiliar to me.
5. Music that I can only find on iTMS or big city record shops which I don't get to often enough.
6. Music that I must have, right now!

Also for the record:
Do I like DRM? [Shaking head side to side] Noooooooo.
Do I understand why it is necessary on iTMS? [Nodding head] Yessssssss.
Do I feel that the "rights" that iTMS grants me are reasonable? [Nodding head] Yesssssss.
Do I wish I had the ability to sell, or transfer ownership, of purchased songs? [Nodding head] Yessssss.

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