Six Degrees

Boy it's quiet out there. I'm going to lay it out there and see if I can get some crowd participation up in this mother. We've all heard of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, right? Well, if you don't know, you better ask somebody.
Well, I like music (not necessarily from the artists we'll use in the game), so let's play the game with a music influence. For starters, let's link Tupac Shakur to Justin Timerlake. You've got six links, but you get bonus points for less. And, no, I haven't done this yet, but I'm sure it can be done.

Ready go.


Jason said...

Okay, count me intrigued, but this is far too easy.

Tupas was in Poetic Justice (awful movie) with Janet Jackson.
I think everyone in the civilized world knows how Janet Jackson and Justin Timeberlake are connected.

2 degrees, done.

Here's mine: Chevy Chase to Steven Tyler. (I have not tried it myself).

---ryan said...

Good job on the first one. I was going to run the links through Janet as well, but I didn't think of the movie route.

Ok, Chevy to Steven. Does Chevy sing?

1. Chevy Chase was in Saturday night live in 1975 when George Carlin hosted.
2. George Carlin is in the movie Jersey Girl with Liv Tyler.
3. Liv was made from Steve.

Next up, Spice Girls to Kenny Rogers.

Jason said...

First, why the heck are all of the current google ads for some Kevin Trudeau guy?

Good job on the last one. Chevy does sing badly occaisionally, I think he had a CD out at one point too.

Ok, this was a tougher one.

1. Kenny was on the Nick and Jessica Simpson show in 2004.
2. Jessica was on Punk'd in April 2003 with Ashton Kutcher
3. Nick Carter was on Punk'd in November 2003 with Ashton Kutcher.
4. Paris Hilton canoodled on camera with Nick Carter.
5. Victoria Beckham (AKA Posh Spice) was in Zoolander with Paris Hilton.
6. Posh Spice was a member of the Nuclear War fallout that was the Spice Girls.

Next: Easy E to Amy Grant

---ryan said...

This is fun. I thought this one would be harder, but it's all about finding that one "jump" link. Here we go...

1. Easy E was in NWA with Dr. Dre
2. Dr. Dre produced tracks for Busta Rhymes on his Genesis album
3. Busta Rhymes was featured on Wyclef Jean's "Rumble in the Jungle"
4. Wyclef Jean was a judge in a 2002 John Lennon song writing contest. Amy Grant was also a judge.

Next: Bjork to Garth Brooks

Jason said...

Nobody else seems to be joining in, oh well.

1. Bjork was on the 2000 MTV VMA's with Kid Rock.

2. Kid Rock did numerous songs with Hank Williams Jr., including "The F Word"

3. Hank Williams Jr. sang with George Jones countless times, such as the 1999 remake of "Country Boy Can Survive" by Chad Brock.

4. George Jones did the song "Beer Run (B Double-E Double Are You In?)" with Garth Brooks.

Next, Eminem to Travis Tritt

---ryan said...

I think Josh is the only one of us that owns an Eminem CD. I think he should be required to complete that task :)

-- I said...

Eminems are delicious.