Then We Can't Get Down

Evil Nine are easily one of my favorite groups right now. Today must have been Evil Nine day for me.

First, I was working on a new mix which happens to be very Evil Nine influenced. Look for more on that in a future post.

Second, I came across their video for Crooked, online. You absolutely must go watch the video. Talk about a head nodding track!

Third, I purchased some Evil Nine tracks off of Beatport. I've known of Beatport's existence since day one, but I've stayed away because I really don't enjoy buying music for lots of different sites. I like iTMS. I'd prefer to just do business with them. Evil Nine made me crack. I just had to have a copy of Crooked, and I had to have it now. Hopefully I haven't opened another set of flood gates. I already buy too much music.

BTW, Evil Nine's album releases (again) on March 29th. I can't wait.

I think we woke the baby up


Jason said...

It's really sad, I get annoyed now when the music I'm looking for isn't on iTunes. I just assume everything will be there now.

Same with Netflix while I've been trying it out. Once I get a suppplier, I prefer not to have to look elsewhere I guess.

---ryan said...

Yes, yes, suckage, suckage. But, did you like the music? That's what I really want to know :)
Did you wake the baby up?

Jason said...

Hell yeah I liked the music. The video for Crooked was sweet too.

I'm a huge fan of Public Enemy, so I couldn't help but like this stuff. It's as close as I have heard to them in a long time. Not quite the lyrical bite of Chuck D, but good stuff.

Didn't wake the baby, he snoozed along while listening to it ;-)

-- I said...

That was a refreshing change from the crap I normally listen to, thanks! Methinks I may need to find some tracks from these guys to listen to on a regular basis...

-- I

---ryan said...

Ian, I feel I should warn you, not all of their stuff is quite that hip hop influenced. They do use vocals, but not always. Give my new mix a listen and you'll get a better idea of what Evil Nine is all about.