iTunes Exclusive (except for Best Buy)

While checking the Best Buy ad today, I came across an interesting development. Drive, a previously iTunes exclusive mix by the Crystal Method will now be available on CD, selling exclusively at Best Buy.

From what I've seen, this is the first iTunes exclusive that is no longer exclusive. If you know of others, please drop a note in the comments.

This is further solidifying iTunes as a music store and even content producer. You really don't need further proof than the fact that iTunes is now the #3 music retailer in the US. It seemed only yesterday that people were still saying no one wants to buy music online. I can't say I buy more music from iTunes than elsewhere, but I know that I don't buy from Wal-Mart or Target. The long tail is selling and the brick and mortars are missing out.

As an aside, exclusive is losing meaning. Is it still exclusive if iTunes is the only one selling the digital version and Best Buy is the one selling the CD version? Is it right to call something exclusive if you know it won't be in a short time? Expect this topic to come up alot with the iPhone which is exclusive to AT&T for 2 months to 5 years depending on who you believe.

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Jason said...

Interesting, the online providers beginning to feed the brick and morters. Especially given Best Buy's track record of supporting WMA format and online sites that used it much more than iTunes.

I am very tired of the "exclusive" being thrown around also. About as much as the "official product of such and such." Marketing buzz is very tiresome.