Music for Motivation

If you exercise and like music, you're already well aware, but the right music bumping in your ears can be the key to getting the most out of a workout or race.

With the rise of small, spacious, digital audio players, we're seeing even more athletes utilizing music for training and even competition. Burton keeps snowboarders amping, Oakley keeps it thumping on the bike, even the human hot dog shredders at this year's Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating contest could be seen syncing their jaws to basslines.

Small sites like Jogtunes have sprung up to match music to miles, but the real momentum is just getting rolling with the recent partnership between Apple and Nike.

The best thing to come out of Nike + iPod is purpose driven music. One of my favorites, The Crystal Method, have released a new album specially crafted for Nike + iPod. The 45 minute continuous mix is aimed at a nice run, but I plan to buy it and give it a try during my cycling training rides. The sample on iTunes is too short. Go to to hear drops throughout the mix.

I've been using DJ mixes for years to pass the hours on the bike. Sander Kleinenberg's 2001 Essential Mix of the Year is especially good for packing on the miles. It is really amazing how my cadence will rise and fall with the energy of the music. Maybe if Phil Liggett were around he'd proclaim that I'm dancing on the pedals.

Check back in a month or so and I'll let you know how the training is going.

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Ben said...

I agree that music can definitely add to the sporting experience. I use my Skull Candy system on my Giro nine 9 helmet to jam out on the slopes. I do follow one rule. In crowded areas, I turn down the volume to hear my surroundings. I think there is a limit to what is acceptable use. Take for instance bicycling. If you don't hear a car approaching because you are jamming out, who is to blame in the case of an accident? The rider, or the audio equipment maker? With today's lawyers, they would go after Apple, or Nike because that is where the cash is at. I guess what I'm getting at is, I hope they don't open a legal can of worms with sports specific equipment like this.