5 of The Now

  • Sissy - So Long Yay! An odd and interesting video to go with an interesting and not odd song. If you like the Gorillaz, give this a shot.

  • Milosh - The City Milosh - Meme - The City It was hard to pick a Milosh track. I want you all to give him a listen. A couple of albums to choose from. I find the recent one to have a more diverse sound.

  • Aim - Loop Dreams Aim - Means of Production - Loop Dreams Only on the Internet can you see comments from idiots that think this band named them self after AOL's IM client. No, I'm not joking. Do the band a favor and give them a listen. Try a few tracks. Aim is hip-hop+jazz+dance+mellow+cool.

  • Massive Attack - Teardrop Massive Attack - Mezzanine - Teardrop I think this is the song I'd like to listen to as I reached the top of a mountain...during a long bike ride...at sunrise.

  • Lostep - Because We Can Lostep - Because We Can - Because We Can You say noise? I say joy! The album is amazing.

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