You will know it is time to turn the page...

Want to figure out how old someone is? Ask them what medium their read-along storybooks came with. Vinyl? Cassette? CD? MP3?

I came across some of my old read-alongs and thought it was time to do a little preservation. Even though I have a nice turntable, and use it often, I figured having the read-along audio as a digital file might prove useful in the future. So, I dropped the 33 and a thirds on the platter and hit record. In no time, I had a copy of the audio that will live long after the books do.

So what read-alongs did I find? Well, there is the gripping The Ewoks Join the Fight.

I also found the 5 book tranformation of a mild Mogwai in to those raucous Gremlins! I think these originally came from Hardees. Remember when you could get good stuff in the drive-thru? Smurfs glasses, California Raisins, Gremlin records!

I bet you never thought you'd see Star Wars on vinyl (again?).

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Jason said...

Nerd. Planning to catch the boys up on some Star Wars and Gremlins huh?

I do still have my first vinyl that I ever bought, but I think my readalong books are long gone, even my sweet ones with He-Man.