Waaaa, I wanna infringe, waaaaaa

So I bought a new couch. The guy in the factory wrote my name on the cross support underneath the seat. I found this out when I turned it over, cut it open, and started poking around with a flashlight. How dare they put my name in this couch. What if I want to throw this couch through someone's window? It will have my identifying information all over it.

In other news, iTunes Plus songs, that are DRM free, have your account name and email embedded in them. You can't resell them, so you can't claim you care for that reason. You have to digitally dig to find your name, so it isn't like it is popping up all over iTunes. Can anyone come up with a decent reason why this is bad? Are people ever satisfied? I guess we'll have to see what other demons are hiding in there.

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crturboguy said...

I agree 100% with you. I think this is a non-issue. The only way this can bite you is if you're sharing up your library on file sharing sites. And you know what, then good, I'm glad it has identifying information. If you're that stupid, you get what you deserve.

And as far as 'what if I loose my iPod, someone will have my information' argument, so what? Maybe it'll help them return it to you. Or, maybe you shouldn't be such a dumbass and leave expensive electronics laying around.