WWDC Predictions

Monday's the day. Here's my predictions.

* It's a developer conference. You need to feed the developers. Widget support for Apple TV will be announced.
* 3rd party development for the iPhone will be announced. This will include widget support and a qualification program to get your app Made for iPhone.
* The widgets for the Apple TV and iPhone will be made with Dashcode. You'll be able to deploy your widget across most of the Apple product line. iPods will be excluded, at least until they release the iPhoneish iPod.
* .Mac will get an overhaul. Disk space will be greatly increased. I'd like to believe the Google apps tie-ins, but we'll have to see.
* There will NOT be a tablet Mac. The world still isn't ready for a tablet, no mater how hard Microsoft is trying to build that market. The recent flood of multi-touch gadgets will make the tablet computer far more palatable.
* There won't be much iPhone talk. It will get its own event.
* There will be backlash on Leopard features. It won't have everything everyone is expecting and they'll wonder why they are waiting until October to get it.

Overall, I'm not expecting any major wows. However, the iPhone has been a fantastic smoke screen (people won't stop talking about it) and Apple could be holding some surprises, but I really think the iPhone was an all hands on deck kind of product.

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