Juice for Belvedere

Last October, I posted about combining a desktop valet and a charger. Apparently others had the same idea. A few months ago I saw a charging valet in the SkyMall catalog. Brookstone was the vendor.

You can see some more charging valets at Wedding Bee. They suggest using them as groomsman gifts. Seems like a pretty good idea to me. My best men got stormproof lighters :)

KangaRooM has a very reasonably priced charging valet as well.

I still think it would be fun to build your own. A drill and a power bar is about all you need.

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Jason said...

Mr. Belvadere photoshopping, I didn't see that one coming.

Lifehacker has a bunch of similar ideas here for charging and other office tasks: http://lifehacker.com/photogallery/top-10-diy-office-projects/

I like the look of the skymall product though. I could use something like that in the kitchen.