Stupid Shopping on the Web

While trying to buy some items at Home Depot, I came across this not-so-helpful message.

Ok, the software is smart enough to know that item isn't available and to tell me, but isn't smart enough to not add it to my cart in the first place? How about disabling the "add to cart" for items that aren't available. I guess there could have been a chance that the item became unavailable in the time it took to load the page and for me to add it, but I doubt it.

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Jason said...

I have to hope that did sell out in time between you ordering it and going to your cart. I have seen plenty of merchants handle the out-of-stock case correctly.

However, they still screwed up, even if that was the case. Why do you have to go manually remove it now? How about a message saying, "<item name> is no longer available and has been removed from your cart". As a matter of fact, Amazon does just that.