Symbols for the Colorblind

It's been a year since my last colorblind post, so I thought I'd bring up the topic again. This one is even iPhone related, because I know you can't possibly be sick of hearing about the iPhone. Definitely not.

If you are making web pages, please don't use tiny blips of color to convey meaning. Here is the example of what not to do.

It doesn't take much to fix this problem. Simply add some subtle symbols to the icons to allow those with poor color vision to discern the difference.

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Thaddeus said...

Getting to know you, and reading your blog posts regarding user interfaces, especially in regards to color, has been very beneficial. I'm glad to see that there are companies that take care to make sure their products are accessible for everybody. I also have a very great appreciation for people that are very good at UI development. I realize I'm not one of those people.

Keep this stuff coming - it's VERY valuable.