What Color Is This?

Links to this color blind test seem to come up in discussions every now and then. I am colorblind with a few colors (you already knew that), so the site is of particular interest to me. If you haven't been there, go check it out. If you are wondering, yes, other than the first one, all of the red-green tests are spots to me. If I know what I'm supposed to see and I stare at it long enough, I can make out the hidden number.

Now to add something here, let's talk about the real world and colorblindness. As stated on that page, 12-20% of males are colorblind. 1 in 5! That's a lot of people. Why don't product designers take that in to consideration when they design their latest gadget? Nearly everything with a battery uses green for good battery and red for bad. Yep, that's all but useless to me. Working in the color amber doesn't make it much better. My simple request, use seperate LEDs or add a blink pattern so those that can't make out the colors can still make sense of your product. Green should be a slow pulse of green. If you've seen the power LED on a sleeping mac, you know what I mean by pulsing. Red should be a sharp, quick, blink.

Next time - how the hell do I get my clothes to match?


-- I said...

Hey, *I* take that into consideration when I design my apps. Of course, if I didn't know you, I'm not sure I would have even thought of it.

Shannon said...

Your mommy dresses you right? No wait Julie does? Maybe that is why you get hit on in Barnes N Noble? LOL just teasing because I have nothing better to do than change diapers.

Ben said...

I didn't know you were still having trouble with other men at B&N. You know, you could avoid that in the future by using their website.

Jeff McMahan said...

So it turns out I'm colorblind too. Actually, I've always known that. But I always let Mom & Co. rib on you for instead of me by staying quiet about it. Thanks for being the first.