Watch the Movie, Take Home the Soundtrack

How many times have you walked out of the theater at the end of a movie thinking "Wow, that had some good music. I should buy the soundtrack and/or score."? I know I've personally done it many times.

Wouldn't it be cool (and highly profitable) for the movie theater to have a CD vending machine in the lobby filled with the soundtracks of the films it is showing? You could even stick the crappy, we made it in a week, companion video game in there. Don't tell me there isn't room for it. Kick out that beat up Mortal Combat game and get with it.

Sell the soundtracks at $10 each and you'll make a fortune. Why collect quarters, when you can collect 10 spots?


Jason said...

Whatever happened to that company that was going to have live concert music ready to buy the second the show was over?

They were going to have some kiosk where you could either drop the music onto a USB key, or burn it to CD. I think it would be sweet to have the option of grabbing the soundtrack as AAC files (DRM'd to appease the machine most likely) also. I guess if they are willing to do that though, they could just spit out a burnt CD too. Whatever it takes to get it reasonably priced and not restricted to inventory.

Here's a better question. Why does it seem like some of my favorite movie soundtracks never actually made it out on CD? That really bugs me when it happens.

crturboguy said...

And why is it that the songs I really want on the soundtrack, aren't? And a bunch of other crappy songs I don't want are?


---ryan said...

Josh, the songs aren't on there because the damn Internet stole them!