Recent Music Purchases

Everyone seems to be in a music talking mood lately, so let me join in with thoughts on my recently obtained tunes.

Moby - Raining Again
Typical Moby single. Halfway decent title track. A lame B-side. Remixes from hot producers.

I picked this up for two reasons. One, I'm a Moby collector (although I'm steadily losing interest), and two, it includes a freakin' Evil Nine remix! I like the Evil Nine remix. Not their best work, but well worth it.

DJ Nu-Mark and Pomo - Blend Crafters
Yow, this is some good stuff. If you like instrumental hip hop with some funk flavor, you gotta check this out. DJ Nu-Mark is the DJ for Jurrasic 5. If you haven't heard of Jurassic 5, please bring some cookies and milk to my house and we'll have a listening party.

The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
Power, grace, style. That's all that needs to be said.

This track rocketed to the top of my iTunes most played list. You gotta love Q-Tip on the vocals. In case you care, the iTMS version is different from the album version. The single version is also different from the album version with the single version being the longest and quite DJ friendly.

Lyrics Born - Same !@#$, Different Day
A very strong remix album. This is the follow up to Later That Day.... There are some tremendous remixes on here. It's tough to capture the same panache when creating a remix album. This is one of the rare few that do. If you like lyrical hip hop with beats that make you grin, give this a spin. Also be sure to check out the Stereo MCs remix. They can still drop a groove.


Thelonious said...

Why are you losing interest in Moby? Just curious. I thought "Play" was a good album. I lost interest with "18", and I haven't purchased "Hotel".

---ryan said...

He's gotten complacent. Looking back on albums like "Everything is Wrong" and "Animal Rights", he was really pushing himself. He didn't much care what anyone thought and his music had intense passion. Then "Play" went super golden jello platinum. Most of his fans bailed on him then. He still had me with "18", but "Hotel", while still a good album, leaves me wishing he would get bold again. It's not that I don't like Moby anymore, I just don't rank him in the top 5 for me at the moment.

Moby is at his best when he is screaming and jumping around. "Look at us, we're beautiful" is not screaming and jumping around.