Don't Wash That

I'm sure the tag said not to, but the tag was cut off a long time ago. You know those squishy soft mini pillows you can buy at the airport? Yeah, don't put those in the washing machine.

We had our own personal blizzard in our washer. It took us at least a dozen washes with a full vacuuming afterwards to get those little pellets cleaned out of the washer. Luckily the ones that stuck to the clothes got trapped in the dryer lint catcher.

So, have a chuckle at our expense and remember, don't wash that.


Jason said...

I have truly managed to abstract myself from the Internet with RSS.

I was explaining this to Shannon, and I said, "yeah, some guy on one of the blogs I read did this...".

Then I went, oh wait, that was Ryan!

I'm pretty sure I have actually washed one of those before. So, I think you can do it, but it really sucks if they happen to pop.

Thaddeus said...

Oh man... that sucks.

Thanks for the laugh, though. :)