5 of the Now

  • Lyrics Born - I Changed My Mind (Stereo MCs Rattlesnake Mix) Lyrics Born - Same !@#$ Different Day - I Changed My Mind (Stereo MCs Rattlesnake Mix)
    I've always been a huge Stereo MCs fan. I was lucky enough to find this on vinyl. You can get it digital though. Funk it up boys!

  • Funkdoobiest - Bow Wow Wow Funkdoobiest - Which Doobie U B? - Bow Wow Wow
    Bringing this one out of my archive. I haven't listened to this album in forever. This is from my Cypress HIll days when I just had to have anything produced by DJ Muggs.

  • Citizen Cope - Let the Drummer Kick Citizen Cope - Citizen Cope - Let the Drummer Kick
    This should be called Let the Drummer Kick Back. Mellow, soulful stuff.

  • Booka Shade - Night Falls Booka Shade - Movements - Night Falls
    You barely get the fell for this in a 30 second sample. It builds and builds and makes you glow from the inside. I'm in a dilema on Booka's albums. I love them enough that I want to buy them, but Amazon wants $18 for them! Based on my rules of purchase this almost fits in the import prices, but I really want the real album, even though they are available for $10 on iTunes. Luckily I have plenty of Booka stuff in DJ mixes to listen to while I decide if I want to pay Sam Goody like prices on Amazon.

  • Dilated Peoples - Live on Stage Dilated Peoples - Expansion Team - Live on Stage
    Thanks to Jason for bringing some focus to these guys for me. There's always the groups that you are peripherally aware of, but it takes someone saying "listen to this" to make it sink in sometimes. That's one of the points of the 5otn right? It's me saying "listen to this" :)

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Ben said...

I listen to Citizen Cope on the slopes. Bullet and a Target really is a good powder day song. I'll have to give this one a listen.