The Apple Drawer

I have a drawer dedicated for Apple stuff. Somehow this topic came up with my friends at work. I got the feeling they thought it was a little weird, and a touch fanatical. I think it's just a sign of being organized :)

I don't know that there are any real surprises or curiosities in the Apple drawer. There's unused iPod docks, extra headphones, and the crappy iPod cases that ship in the box. There's also my wireless Apple mouse that is current unused as I'm using a Wacom tablet and mouse instead (great Christmas gift Jeff).

I like that I can easily find a spare set of headphones when I'm running out the door. I like that I can find the external video cables I need when I'm packing for a trip. I like that it looks like an Iowa winter when I open the drawer.

So, take a look, see what you can identify, and have a laugh at my expense because I have an Apple drawer.


Jason said...

I can understand why you have it, and why it is useful.

I still laughed at your expense.

I took inventory around my house. It took me a while, but I managed. I have an ipod, and the headphones, ac adapter, sync cord, fm modulator, and bluetooth dongle that I use with it. All of which fits nicely in my secret book ;-)

That was actually more than I thought I had, and doesn't count the idog. I don't think he really counts either way.

-- I said...

ha ha!