Thru-bike CR

Last year's cycling goal was days. This year's cycling goal is miles, but not just any miles. These will be the miles within the city limits of Cedar Rapids, IA. I plan to ride every road in the city this year.

I've created a separate blog for the topic. Partly because I don't want to skew the focus of this blog too much, and partly because I want to give iWeb a spin to see if it is worth using.

Go check out the Thru-bike CR site.

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Jason said...

Very cool site, and great concept.

I claim ownage on the idea over the hiking magazine people though. We were doing this back in the mid-90's with towns in cities (in a vehicle).

The challenge was that you not only had to drive down every road in a city, but every alley, or anything resembling an alley as well. Much fun was had debating whether something was an alley, and just how a car would fit through it ;-)