Blur, It's Cold in Here

I haven't played video games at home for years. My Playstation 2 sits in a closet doing nothing. I have a game or two that I never even played. I've really never been a gamer, but I have enjoyed video games since the days of Atari.

I had myself convinced there was no way I'd buy any of the latest gen of consoles. They cost too much. The cames cost too much. I had no time. But, then there's the Wii. It costs less. The whole thing is geared towards fun. Best of all, it gets you up off the couch. Still, I wasn't buying.

More and more, the Wii is trying to creep into my life. I hear about people having a ball playing it. I see video podcasts of people playing and it looks awesome. Still, I wasn't buying.

Then I read that one of my favorite franchises is coming to the Wii. SSX Blur is coming and it's bringing new free-form controls that sound like they'd be fun for controlling snowboarders. Then I see that Junkie XL is doing the soundtrack Junkie XL - Music from SSX Blur and giving it a listen at iTunes, it sounds perfect for the game. Upbeat, fun tracks.

I'm real close to buying one. We'll see.

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-- I said...

Good luck trying to find one. They are still having difficulties keeping them on the shelves, demand is still huge.

I consistently see PS3's, and to a lesser extent XBox 360's collecting dust on the shelves at the store, though...