Is the HD Up?

This one's for the locals.

The weather has been not so nice lately. Thousands of people were, or still are, without power for days after our weekend storm. I was lucky enough to only lose power for an hour.

With that stage set, I turned on the TV tonight and found no stations. I ditched cable and only have OTA digital and HD now. I immediately began cursing my antenna. Surely the power surges from all of the work going on in the state killed my antenna I thought. I switch the antenna over to the analog in put and was able to get something out of it. The antenna was fine.

I then immediately began cursing my TV. Stupid TV, it must have blown the ATSC tuner as I wasn't getting any signal. Ahh, but wait. With some more playing, I found FOX, on a different channel, so the ATSC tuner was working. So what was the problem.

I went to the trusty computer and did some digging. Turns out, the HD antenna farm near Walker was again without power and that was the source of the TV with no signal. My gear was working, thankfully, and now I have a resource to check to see if the HD signals are up. CFU plots OTA HD reception and is your one stop to see if the HD stations are up or down.

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Thanks for posting that. I figured it was the stations, but now I know ;-)

Seems like if they are going to cut off the analog signal in less than 2 years, they should work on a power redundancy system for these HD broadcast towers.

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