USB in the Dash Please

A positive trend in cars as of late is to include an aux input on the stereo. Many sell this as an iPod input, but it will work for a Zune, Dell Ditty, whatever. Here you see the dash of a Chevy SSR.

Now that the ball is rolling, how about we ditch the cigarette lighter power jacks and just go with USB? Tons of phones, music players, and other gadgets are capable of being charged over USB. I know it would put a hurt on the folks selling lighter adapter cables, but this is about the consumer :)

If you're a smoker, you can buy an adapter that plugs in to USB to light your cigs!

I really don't care if the USB is hooked to any data network. I'd imagine it wouldn't be for quite some time. I'm just looking for convenient charging solutions that don't require cable double-ups.

Add some bungees to the top of the dash and your gadget could charge without flying around the car.


Jason said...

Word, that would be cool as all get out.

I have removed the cigarette lighter from my car the second I got it since back in my high school days, so that is cool.

USB is pretty much de-facto now, so it makes sense to have it in cars. Coolness all around

---ryan said...

Better stick some USB charge ports in the wall while you're at it.


Ben said...

Why put the item on your dash? What more of a reason do you want to give kids to break into your car than an iPod on your dash. Honda has been putting the hookups for the iPod in your glove box. And they really mean iPod hookup. The plug matches the iPod connector, and gives you control, on the steering wheel, and charges it in the glove box as you go. I think the glove box is wasted space in most cars. Who puts "gloves" in there these days? Turn it into a lockable storage/recharging/media center. Check out Dodge's Caliber It has the flipout holder for an iPod or a cell phone in the arm rest. And, the bottle cooler inthe glove box. Talk about utility. Now, if only they had a bottle opener on the dash......

---ryan said...

I know I wouldn't be dumb enough to leave an iPod in view in a locked car. I tend to not leave anything of value in my car, and if I did, it wouldn't be on display.

iPod hookups in the glove compartment are great, but that's a whole other topic. You can't charge your phone with an iPod dock connector, yet :)