Nine of Evil

As you know, Evil Nine is one of my favorite artists. In tribute to them, I put together an Evil Nine based DJ mix. It's 9 tracks (how clever) that are all Evil Nine related in some way, be it their tracks, their remixes, or remixes of their tracks.

I'd hoped for a Halloween release (again, evil, clever, yes, I know), but it took a little longer to find the time.


  1. Evil Nine - Crooked

  2. Timo Maas - Pictures (Evil Nine Remix)

  3. Ursula Rucker and Will Saul - Where Is It? (Evil Nine Remix)

  4. Evil Nine - Restless

  5. Evil Nine - We Have the Energy

  6. Santos - Sabot (Evil Nine Remix)

  7. Stone Lions - Immigrant Heel, Claw, & Toe Lovers - Whoah!

  8. PET - Superpet (Evil Nine Remix)

  9. Evil Nine - Cakehole (Midnight Son Mix)

If you want to give it a listen, let me know.

1 comment:

Jason said...

That has to be, by far, the largest percentage of songs I have owned from one of your mixes.

As always, the Nine and Stone Lions are great. I may have to pick up the few tracks I didn't have too, they worked well with the mix.