iTunes thinks I moved

Click the iTunes Store link, page loads, text in Japanese. Well that's odd. I'm not sure how my store preference got changed. I don't remember clicking that box at the bottom. In fact, I can't say I remember there even being a box at the bottom to change the store I wanted to browse.

Changing the store location does seem like an interesting way to explore the music that is popular in other parts of the world. I think I'll give it a try, but for now, I just set it back to United States :)

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Jason said...

That reminds me an iTunes oddity I ran into.

iTunes at one point featured a Peter Gabriel remake by Alicia Keyes and Bono as a fundraiser for awareness (either South Africa or Aids, I don't remember currently).

Anyway, I tried to buy the song later, only to find that it was nowhere to be found. Great fundraiser, huh?

I found the iTunes original link via Google, and was informed that the US store did not have it, but Austrailia might. After having my store switch over to Austrailia, I was informed that no, they didn't have it either. I browsed their store a bit and then switched back, thoroughly annoyed.