Cold night, calm river

One of the many reasons that I enjoy riding my bike at night.


Ben said...

Very nice. I meant to ask you how the new light of yours works for your commute. Does it come with a helmet mount? Cool shot of downtown CR.

---ryan said...

I use a Vega light from Light & Motion.

It's great because there are no additional battery packs, yet it still throws a ton of light and lasts for hours.

It has 3 brightness settings and a blink mode. It will also warn you when it is getting low which gives me a chance to switch to a lower brightness so I can ride for 30 minutes more and still have light.

I use a handlebar mount, but you can order it with a helmet mount.

Thaddeus said...

Yeah... definitely a nice shot, though you managed to crop my tower out of the picture :P