Motorola Chargers For All

Unfortunately, this post will fail to be even mildly interesting to most. I just need to inject some knowledge into the Internet. I believe Jason calls these Googlecaches.

You'll remember that I bought the Motorola DJ Bluetooth Headphones and got stuck with a UK power supply. I took a shot and bought a Moto supply from Amazon that I thought might work.

Sure enough, it arrived and provides 5V/550mA which is exactly what the supply that came with the headphones provides.

The Moto part number is SPN5185A. You can find it for less than $2 at Amazon and other places on da information superhighway. You'll spend more to ship it than buy it.

For reference, this supply is supposed to work with the RAZR V3 and KRZR K1/K1m. Using the transitive property, this supply should also work with the Moto HT820 Bluetooth Headphones.

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Jason said...

Yeah, I need to get my Googlecache (R) back up and working...

A(X+Y) == AX + AY.