Stuporbowl Commercials

I'm watching the new XXX commercial and I kept waiting for the Engergizer bunny to march through. It didn't and now I'm left wondering if this is going to be the worst movie ever. The title is XXX - State of the Union? Are they serious? Ohh, and Ice Cube is the new XXX? I like Ice Cube in some movies, but I wonder if he is still pissed about his whip getting trashed in Are we there yet? (no, I haven't seen it) and now he wants to bust some heads.

Ohh, thank goodness, the Bud Light skydiving pilot commercial just offset the XXX one. Back to the game now.

Edit: I also enjoyed the m:robe commercials. The music in the first was unknown to me. Apparently it is "Pure Gold" by the Offcuts. I checked and couldn't find it on iTMS. The second is a track that has been one of my favorites for years. Les Rythmes Digitales - "Jaques Your Body". I annoyed Julie by running in to the other room and producing the LRD CD that was included with Revolution magazine in Sept. 2000. It has the cut as well as the incredible "What's Going On? (Jon Carter Mix)" by Mekon featuring Roxanne Shant. I can't comment on the m:robe, but the music is worth buying :)

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Jason said...

You have to wonder when Vin Diesel decided that "The Pacifier" was a better choice than the next XXX. Oh well, I'm sure the "Crazy MotherF'r named Ice Cube" from "Are We There Yet?" can handle it.